Tuesday, January 23, 2018

good non-fiction and mysteries

The Chalk Man by C. j. Tudor, 2018. Good mystery, don't think I've read anything else by this writer. Good main character, interesting plot.

Excellent book written by an ER doctor, set in Canada and Ethiopia, Life on the Ground Floor by James Maskalyk. 2017. He moves between the two ERs and his grandfathers house in Alberta and blurs them a bit - nothing is black and white. Issues in each situation. Good writer and good book. Hope he gets more awards for it.

Me Before You: A Novel
by JoJo Moyes. A tear-jerker but well written, the main character is likable. Little bit hard to belive she was so passive with her life prior to working for the quad she looks after, but other than that, ok. Issues of legal suicide are not easy to think about - not sure it should have ended the way it did but it certainly was inevitable from the beginning of the book. Good story teller.

Michael Connelly, Two kinds of Truth, 2017. Good mystery, well written. Harry Bosch in his dotage - good plot, good characters.

Started The Long Drop by Denise Mina but quit half way, just lost interest.