Tuesday, September 15, 2015


River of Smoke: Book 2 Of The Ibis Trilogy, 2012. Amitav Ghosh is a good story teller. Enjoyed this book and am looking forward to part 3. Interesting to read about Hong Kong and Canton historically and the poppy wars.

Interesting autobiography of Oliver Sacks, 2015, On the Move. Makes me want to read his books again. Strange life, the obsession with weight lifting and motorcyles unexpected.

Some lighter reading, another Craig Johnson book, Longmire. Different from the TV show but enjoyable. The basic characters are the same. Books are good, book 2, Death without company.

Some even lighter reading, dragons and things, not the usual fare but I liked James Oswald's mysteries so much I tried them, and they are good. Such nice dragons, such dreadful people! Dreamwalker: The Ballad of Sir Benfro Book One (The Ballad of Sir Benfro Series) and The Rose Cord: The Ballad of Sir Benfro Book Two

A very good book, about the dreadful Huntington's disease, by Lisa Genova, Inside the O'Briens, 2015. Very well written book. After thorough research on Huntingtons, she gets inside their lives and creates a very readable novel.