Thursday, April 24, 2014

good mystery, so-so mystery,

Half of a Yellow Sun, by Chimamanda Ngoi Adichie, 2007. A great novel, really interesting. She is such a good writer. I knew nothing about the Biafra war, and this book tells the story of two twin sisters and the people in their lives. Excellent book.

So-so mystery, wish I had not finished it, by Laura Lippman. 2012 And When She Was Good. Story tedious, characters insipid. Sigh

But, Robert Harris' new mystery was very good; An Officer and a Spy, 2012. Wry sense of humour, the story of the Dreyfus Affair, about which I knew nothing. Set in 1895 in Paris, it is a good spy novel and his hero, Picquart, is thoroughly likable.

Half way through my first Craig Johnson book, The Dark Horse, 2009 and am enjoying it a lot. Like his humour and story telling.