Thursday, October 23, 2014


A mystery that was forgettable. Maybe it was the voices of one of the readers but I think it was the book. The Farm, set in Sweden and London. Fell asleep for the most important final 45 minutes and have no desire to replay it and find out what happened. By Tom Rob Smith, 2014. It gets rave reviews, which I don't understand.

Abattoir Blues by Peter Robinson was very good. 2014, his latest DCI Alan Banks book. Makes one want to become a vegetarian though.

in the middle of The Cold Cold Ground by Adrian McKinty and like it. Good mystery writer, interesting setting historically and physically. Nov. 2013

Also started February by Lisa Moore and like it so far.

Am in the middle of My Life in Middlemarch by Rebecca Mead, 2014 but had to go back and read Middlemarch itself, so I'm in the middle of that too. Like both.

some knitting

Never get around to posting knitting. A few recent things.
Socks - love the yarn - from catterpillargreen yarns in Victoria. Love the colours and there is cashmere mixed in the with merino and nylon.

and hats, from handspun. The completed hat is mostlyl merino with a bit of BFL, it's my first attempt at cable plying and I liked it, for a hat. Pattern is Barley by tin can knits

next is a hat in progress made from Huckleberry Knits, BLF and silk. Lovely mixture of fibres, fun to spin and it was Navaho plyed. I like the weight of this 3 ply and like knitting with it. Pattern is Wurm