Monday, June 18, 2012

beautiful fibre and striped socks

First pair of striped socks, I like the colours, I like the stripes, but I do not like doing the afterthought heel at all.

Bluefaced Leicester, Merino, Silk and Alpaca blend; love it

Alpaca, Legalots

Friday, June 8, 2012

4 mysteries, 3 good, 1 so-so

Start with the good. I am thoroughly enjoying listening to The Coroner, 2008, the first of the Jenny Cooper mysteries by M. R. Hall. She's one anxious, drug-laden, obnoxious protagonist! But likeable nonetheless. Good reader too. He's an interesting author, has a good website

The next good one is the Newfoundland based Undertow, 2002, by Thomas Curran. Good writing and interesting historical facts mixed into the story. It's set in the late 1940's in St. John's.

Woman Chased by Crows, 2012, by Marc Stange. Canadian, set in small town Ontario, Dockerty police chief Orwell Brennan is very busy. So far an interesting plot.

The so-so was by Peter James, Dead Man's Grip, 2011. It's part of a series, maybe I needed to have read the other books. Maybe it was the reader - didn't like the accents.