Monday, May 1, 2017

good novels, entertaining mysteries

A gentleman in Moscow, 2017 by Amor Towles is very good. A novel writen with grace, about a count under house arrest in a real hotel in Moscow beginning in 1922. He moves from aristocrat to head waiter in his years there, and the world comes to him, although not too closely. History comes and goes, WWII passes and the hotel still stands. A very elegant book. Lovely characters, interesting view of politics.

Exit West, 2017 by Moshin Hamid, a very different novel. A couple must leave their county under seige and they move several times and adapt or don't adapt. Good book, very different. The events are fictional, but the characters are very real.

Coffin road by Peter May, 2017. Good mystery, interesing plot whcih revolves around bee research. Set in the Outer Hebrides, it's hard to figure out who is really who until the end.

After the Fire by Jane Casey, 2017. First book I have read by her and I liked it, but did not want to go backwards, so read the one following. Maeve Kerrigan is the main character. Set in London.

The Reckoning by Jane Casey, 2016. The second book by her and with the same characters. I remember it as good but cannot remember the plot!

Tastes like Fear by Sarah Hilary, 2016. A good mystery.