Saturday, June 7, 2014


A capital crime, Laura Wilson, is the third in the DI Stratton series, set in London in 1950. They are good books, good characters, good plots.

Silesian Station by David Downing, 2008. The second in a series, set in Germany as WWII is about to start. Hero is an English journalist who ends up working undercover for the Russians, the British, the Americans and feigns to be working for the Germans too. Interesting perspective on the war, good mystery, good characters.

Craig Johnson Another Man's Moccasins: A Walt Longmire Mystery. 2009. Second one I read and they are very enjoyable. Different from Longmire on TV but well written.

Barbara Pym The Sweet Dove Died, published long after she wrote it. Ruthless author! She has no mercy and writes so well. Very interesting characters, and none that one would like very much at all.

Struggling with Joseph Boyden's new book, the Orenda, 2014. I liked his other two books very much, but this one seems to not be going anywhere. Half way through, not sure if I will finish it.