Friday, January 25, 2013

Good books

Flight Behaviour by Barbara Kingsolver, 2012, is a very good book. Her first three books (Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven, Animal Dreams) were so good and this one was up to snuff. Her other books have been o.k., but this one I really liked. Interesting plot, lots of biology, great characters handled deftly. Very likable main character.

Dominion by C J Sanson, 2012, was good too. Good storytelling, an alternate WW II story set in the UK.

Jeanette Winterston's autobiography, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal, 2012, is interesting too. She writes kind of bluntly, but her story is intriguing.

Finally getting back to Intolerable by Kamal Al-solaylee, 2012. It's very good. He writes well and his life is so interesting.