Sunday, November 17, 2013


The Expats by Chris Pavone, 2012. Had listened to it before but it was good light entertainment, like a spy movie. Not very challenging but engaging.

Finished Engleby, 2007, Sebastian Faulks and it was great. The reader, UK actor, Michael Maloney,
was such a good reader. Seen him in lots of UK dramas but never heard him read a book before. He was very good and the book is very good.

Peter Robinson Children of the Revolution. 2013. Good mystery, interesting plot. The murdered person and the investigator - Inspector Banks, are the same age, and also my age. We all get older.

Benjamin Black, Holy Orders, 2013. Another good Quirke mystery. The 6th, for pathologist and amateur detective Quirke. His drinking is a bit much though, and it's all a bit dark but he writes good mysteries. A good writer.

Just started to listen to Solo by William Boyd, 2013. It's James Bond, so pretty light. But it's read by Dominic West! What a treat. Don't have very high expectations for it.

Also just started Ian Rankin's latest book, 2013, and it's good. Saints of the Shadow Bible. Like his characters - have high expectations for this book and am sure he'll come through.