Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Finished Michael Ondajte's The Cat's Table and liked it. Good thing I started again from the beginning.

Ian Rankin's latest book about the Complaint's department, The Impossible Dead, 2011 was good too. He writes good mysteries with interesting characters and good plots.

Really liked the booker prize book by Julian Barnes, 2011, a first - I usually hate the Booker books.... The Sense of an Ending, 2011. It gets better and better as you read and by the end the characters are stuck in your head and you are wondering about them. How fallible we are.

Half way through a mystery by Laura Lippman, Baltimore Blues, The First Tess Monaghan Novel. I like that she talks about libraries and book stores.

Just started a really good book, main character has Alzheimer and her best friend was killed. Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante, 2011. Really interesting to read.