Sunday, March 1, 2015

the orenda and some mysteries

Joseph Boyden's latest book, 2014, The Orenda. good book but hard to take, the detailed and gruesome descriptions of torture were over the top. Had to switch to the radio while listening to the book in the car a few times. it was a bit long, too much blood and guts, and very sad. Liked his other two books so much better.

Finished the Lewis Triology, 3 sequential mysteries set on or near Lewis Island, western Scotland. Good books, enjoyed them all. 3.The Chessmen, 1. The Blackhouse and 2. The Lewis Man. Written within the past few years. Good characters, interesting plots and very interesting to read about the islands. Had to go look them up on a map.

Another Scottish writter, James Oswald, the 5th in his series, Prayer for the Dead, inspector McLean, 2015. Good mystery, the series holds up well. Like his main character.