Friday, June 28, 2013


Leaving Everything Most Loved, Maisie Dobb by Jacqueline Winspear, 2013. The latest Maisie Dobbs book is good, perfect car listening in that the story is easy to follow, the characters familiar. She has good plots with lots of interesting details about the class and roles of the characters, set in the 30s in London.

May We be Forgiven, A M Holmes. Good book, disasterous happenings to a pair of brothers, one a complete sociopath, the other living in his shadow. Have not yet finished it but will do so, not sure what is going to happen to either of them.

Really liked Ancient Light by John Banville, 2013. Such a good writer. Is there any difference between memory and invention is the question he is writing about. Main character is an aging actor, remembering his torrid affair with a friend's mother when he was 15. Good story. Good ending. Excellent writing.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


At Last by Edward st Aubyn, 2012. Great book, it's the final of a series about the same bunch of ghastly people from old money, he is such a good writer, sentences you want to read twice. And his main character Patrick, seems to have survived his dreadful childhood and addicted adulthood. There is hope for this survivor.

John le Carre, 2013, his latest book, a delicate truth is good. Thoughtful and believable and interesting. His final radio interview with Eleanor Wachtel is very good too.

Nick Harkaway Angelmaker, 2012. An entertaining tale, good but not great. Too long. Good car listening.

The Accidental Captives The Story of Seven Women Alone in Nazi Germany
By Gossage, Carolyn. Very interesting story about a group of Canadian women stuck in Germany during 1941 -1942 after their boat was sunk en route to Africa.

The Chosen Dead By Hall, M. R. (Book - 2013), another great Jenny Cooper mystery. Like this author with his flawed coroner and interesting plots.