Saturday, October 23, 2010


Listened to Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, 2010. The narrator was a bit grating and the story too long and the characters almost completely unlikable but he can write a good book. And timely, our planet heading into an overpopulated, polluted, navel-staring state - he brings it all in. Thank god my cats are indoor cats.

Per Petterson, I Curse the River of Time , 2010. I liked Out Stealing Horses a lot better, but this is a good book. His characters I like, he's gentle with his flawed people.

Curtains, Adventures in an Undertaker-in-Training, 2010 by Tom Jokinen is very good. It's a revelation, what happens to us in those places, and interesting to read about the state of the business. Good writer, very interesting book.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

scarf I want to make

Lucy Neatby pattern

and my practice attempts so far.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Books - two mysteries, two novels

Murderous Proession by Ariana Franklin, 2010. It's good but I am just not as interested in it as her first books. Seems to be how several series are affecting me these days. There are just too many other books I'd rather be reading. It's a good read, just not great.

I am really enjoying Emma Donoghue's Landing, 2007. Likable, interesting characters, from Dublin or from rural Ontario. She tells a good story. Looking forward to reading Room, up for the Booker, although I often hate those Booker books.

Generosity by Richard Powers, 2009. Interesting book, he keeps switching perspectives. Whose voice are we listening to? An off stage writer, the main character who is a writer teaching a writing class? Is happiness in our genetic code, to be manipulated?

Once a Spy by Keith Thompson, 2010. Charlie finds his father, Drummond, in the thoes of Alzheimer's, but then finds out he was a spy. A mad chase ensues, bodies flying, a wild tale. Not a great book but the humour around Alzheimer's is good.