Saturday, July 6, 2013


Just finished My Criminal World, 2013, by Henry Sutton. Entertaining mystery about a mystery writer and all the trials and tribulations of the trade. Not a great book but enjoyable to read.

Listening to Graham Greene book. Good story, interesting observations on people and behaviors. The Heart of the Matter. Don't know when he wrote it. Very perceptive writer.

In the car listening to a book by Sarah Vowell, read by the author. She uses other voices for the quotes, which is interesting. It is a non-fiction book about Hawaaii, about which I know nothing.... the Americanization of Hawaaii. Unfamiliar Fishes, 2012. I like the way she links the historical stuff she is talking about to the contemporary world in different ways. Interesting book.

Friday, July 5, 2013


Wendyknits KAL summer shawl, lots of errors. made from Knit Picks tonal sock yarn.

Kate Davies blanket, Rams and Yowes. Love the pattern and love working with Shetland wool.