Saturday, March 8, 2014

good books

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray, 2011. Young Irish writer, tells a sad and funny story about how Skippy dies, at his boarding school near Dublin. Good writer. Even though Skippy dies right at the beginning of the book, you want to read to the very end. Last part is the best.

The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch, 2006. Interesting book, not the greatest novel but the main character, Miles O'Malley is full of interesting facts about the inter-tidal zone where he lives: on Puget Sound. Entertaining and worth reading.

The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison, 2013 is pretty spooky. She may be silent but I bet she is going to be deadly, this wife. Almost finished it so am not sure what is going to happen but something is. This is a pychological thiller about a marriage falling apart and it's well done.

Old Filth by Jane Gardam, 2005. Very good book, Old Filth is quite a character. It jumps around in time a lot, as we get to know him. It is the story of Sir Edward Feathers, a noted jurist based in Hong Kong. His nickname - "Old Filth" "Filth" stands for "Failed In London, Try HongKong". He retired to Sussex, and builds to the end, which was unexpected.

Gold Digger by Frances Fyfield, 2012. A child/thief marries up to a dieing art collector. A mystery unfolds, as the family tries to get the valuables. interesting characters.

Elizabeth Jane Howard. The Light Years, 1960s sometime.... set in 1937 the three Cazelet brothers gather their respective families and head for the family manse in the heart of Sussex for their annual summer holiday. The first of her Cazalet books. Good reading.

The Elephant Whisperer by Lawrence Anthony, 2012. Just started but it's going to be an interesting read about a group of wayward and badly behaved elephants who are getting their last chance on this author's reserve in South Africa.